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Ashkan RahgozarAshkan Rahgozar
Born in 1986
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design & Master of Arts in Illustration
He started his professional career in Saba Company in 2000. Then, he founded his own studio called “ Hoorakhsh “ in 2005.
In 2017 , Ashkan Rahgozar devolved responsibility for studio management to Arman Rahgozar .
He is the director, writer and producer of many domestic products of Hoorakhsh Studio including short animations , music videos , computer games , graphic novels and animated collections.
He is currently the writer and  director of the animated movie “ The Last Fiction”. He is a member of ASIFA Hollywood and so far he has been a member of the jury to select different movies in cinema and animation festivals. His works have been nominated and  given several awards in domestic and international festivals around the globe.