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Who . We . Are

Since the beginning of the time human being has reached for his hidden half through tales and stories. These stories became part of our beliefs and have reflected on our lives. We like to think about stories this way and we believe the art of animation is our way of making dreams come true.


Hoorakhsh Studios started its path in 2005 by Ashkan Rahgozar who transformed his small bedroom to a little animation studio. The dream of making animation movies motivated him to found this studio and since with support of his two brothers Arman and Ehsan and a magnificent team, he could transfer that little studio to one of the greatest 2D animation studios in Iran.

Our managers

our vision

We always pursue to do the tasks that others think are unapproachable for us. However we always do the jobs that is undoable for them.


Our effort to hunt and train talented individuals and to insist of team working and perseverance step into making animation with highest world standards. We believe that we can have a good spot among those famous countries in animation industry by making high quality animated movies with small budget and lower cost and broadcast them worldwide. We surprise our audience by altering regular work to a better quality output and show them different content and picture. Our goal in making animation is not just a product to sell but a loving journey in experience and knowledge. We strongly believe in ourselves and soon we establish our belief worldwide.

HOORAKHSH . meaning

The word Hoorakhsh was created and used by great philosopher and theologian in 12th century A.D. Mr. shahab ad-Din Yahya Sohrevardi well-known as Sheikh Eshragh. Sohrevardi elucidate about holiness of divine light in tow of his prayers. In his belief, Hoorakhsh is the light that one sees and reaches out after knowing one’s very being and the merciful god.

About . the . Logo

Since ancient time, sky was the safest place for human’s dream. A dreamer person has been always looking at the bright sky (Hoorakhsh) and remember one’s dream. Since human being is the most powerful creature in the world and has invisible wings which is the power of wisdom and thought, then one could spread the wings and fly to find all the unreachable.

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Awards . and . Festivals

For each and every art project, being seen and judged is one of the most important matters. So we have realized that international events such as art festivals are very valuable causes of getting evaluated and exchanging knowledge and experience. And for that matter we always do our best to be part of those national and international events.

We have been honored to receive:

  • 2009 Honorary Diploma for best digital illustration at the 3rd Visual Media Festival in Creativity and Technology
  • 2009 Candidate for Best Short Animation at 26th Tehran International Short Film Festival
  • 2010 Honorary Diploma for short animation “You…!” at 7th Tehran International Animation Festival
  • 2010 Silver Statuette for producing experimental works at 7th Tehran International Animation Festival
  • 2010 ASIFA Special Prize for producing experimental works at 7th Tehran International Animation Festival
  • 2010 Candidate for Best Short Animation movie; “Ghajari Cat” at 7th Tehran International Animation Festival
  • 2012 Second Prize for best art director at Tehran Video Game Festival
  • 2016 Best Prize commission films ATFEST

Markets we attend: