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What . We . Do

We are a studio specialized in 2D animation trying to make different creative graphical artworks. Towards achieving  that we are using different techniques like: Digital cell animation, Digital paper animation Cutout animation, Motion illustration, Motion graphic and etc. We usually use several techniques in one work. In many occasions we used 3D animation and combined art technology for making works of art.

Hoorakhsh Studio . Fields . of . Work

We Provide a wide range of Services to our Clients.

We Make

Animated Features
Our main purpose is animated feature films and “the last fiction” our first feature film is already in production. In 2009 we began making the last fiction a reality, an animation with international quality standards to become our road to making even bigger and better animation features to enter international market.
Animated Short
Producing short animations is our way experience new and a bit more exotic things and to train our new recruits. We have a very powerful presence in international festivals with our independent short animations and continuously trying to be more and more experimental with our short project.
Our activities in videogame industry include art director character design concept art etc. And we have taken part in many prize winning projects.
Commercial Teasers
With commercials we always try to think outside the box and as creative as possible to satisfy our customers.
Music Video
We took this chance and established H7th studios for focusing on music videos and it has its own creative team to work on exiting projects.
Animated TV Series
One of the most important parts of animation industry is TV series. And because of that we are trying to design different and unique projects. The latest is 13 episode series called “the puppet show”.
Stereoscopic Pictures
These pictures produced only in studio by making a 3d animation in 3d or 2d animation in 3d which is one of the most recent technologies in entertainment.
Motion graphic
Motion graphic production is one of the important tools (sources) to transfer information and education in today’s life. We always offer this medium to our clients to benefit the use of creative and inspiring images along with sound and music to exchange educational data to their customers and employees.
Graphic novel
Knowing more about depth and potential of epics and fairytales and believe in our talented creative artists, Hoorakhsh studios always had motivation to illustrate graphic novels. So for the first step we started to publish book series named “the last fiction” which is side project of long animated movie; “The last fiction”. And this is the entrance to this amazing industry.

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