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The graphic novel Jamshid Fall 1,2

The aim of collecting and presenting this book was to familiarize adolescents and youth with the myth of Jamshid: an aim that need not only be achieved by reading this novel. However, this novel could well be the starting point from which those interested in these legends can begin to learn about their characters. The design team of this book has striven to recount a story that has risen from the heart of the oldest of human civilizations by using the most widespread methods of graphic novels in the world today. This team has done so by using the most modern practices of narration so that modern audiences all over the world can learn of the myths of this part of human civilization and with the hope that members of the audience will themselves reach out to further explore this field.
It is likewise noteworthy that the present novel is the third volume in first set of the trilogy . This trilogy is made up of consecutive stories that are inter-related and yet independent. Finally, this trilogy will culminate in an animated feature film called “The Last fiction”.