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Farrokh Nemati and Banipal Shomon play in the animation movie “The Last Fiction”

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The voice acting of Farrokh Nemati and Banipal Shomonin in the animation movie “The Last Fiction” directed by Ashkan Rahgozar has been started.


Reported by HoorakhshStudios’s PR, the voice acting of “The Last Fiction” animated movie has been started since March with the most celebrated actors and actresses. Farrockh Nemati as Shahrasb the sage of Alborz temple and aslo the spiritual father of Afaridoun and Banipal Shomon as Rouzbeh the youngest son of Kaveh the ironsmith have joined the voice acting cast.

Previously, Parviz Parastouei, Hassan PourShirazi, Ashkan Khatibi, Shaghayegh Farahani, Melika Sharifi Nia and Zohair Yari were joining the voice acting cast of The Last Fiction.

The Last Fiction Animated Feature Film written and directed by Ashkan Rahgozar is a free adaptation of Zahak; the tale from Shahnameh which depicts the time from the late Jamshid era to the early of Afaridoun kingdom and is under production since 2010.

Through the production, In 2013 The Last Fiction was selected and introduced as one of the world’s six best projects under production at Annecy Festival; the most recognized animation event in the world.

Besides, this project got invited to Cannes Market by Annecy Festival in 2016 and introduced as one of the four world’s best animated feature films under production.

Also a series of Graphic Novels is written and designed about Jamshid’s life and his destiny and one of the mysterious character of this animation. The novels are regards the series of adventures and incidents prior to “The Last Fiction”.

The first volume of the series is now available in the most reliable book stores as “Jamshid Dawn 1, 2”

The other cast and crew of this film are as Christof Rezaei the composer, Tina Pakravan the casting, Alireza Alavian the sound designer, Zhinous Pedram the editor, Reza Asgarzadeh the recorder, Amir Abedi the photographer and Zahra Najafi the media consultant.